Company's core concept

Foshan Mage Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a modern production-oriented enterprise of bathroom furniture with R & D, production, sales, market, service and culture. Mage sanitary ware is located in Foshan, the historical city of "ceramic capital of China", with a land area of 100000 square meters and a monthly output of more than 3000 sets. It is one of the top bathroom furniture manufacturers in the industry. In 2022, an additional 5million production lines will be invested, striving to build a new bathroom and home furnishing production base that is intelligent, customized and digitalized, marking that Margo bathroom will comprehensively promote smart factories.

Mage bathroom owns the high-end bathroom furniture designer brand "LORBN" from Italy. Adhering to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, lean production and personalized design", the company is committed to promoting the development of bathroom and home furnishing industry.

Company history


MAGE wei yu was born in foshan, production area of 2000 square meters

In 2014, gaining

Introduce product line of large bathroom ark, postmodern bathroom ark to production rapidly exp and the market, gaining played Mage brand

in 2015 ,draft

Debut at the 20th China (Shanghai) international exhibition kitchen bathroom facilities


Explore the road of brand, and had a family of establishing strategic cooperative relations, redst ar triumphant dragon; The exhibition of the China (Shanghai) international exhibition kitchen bathroom facilities

In 2017, originality

Passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, with unparalleled co mpetitive advantage

In 2018, the expansion

Factories moved to, production base expanded to 10000 square meters; Introduction of full auto matic production line, the total import 8 s management system; Coatingprocess upgrade produc tion technology, innovation; Italian high-end bathroom furniture designer brands "LORBN LaoBin " signed the famous Italian designer;

In 2019, was created

Focus on professional custom of bathroom furniture brand "GIEXXI jie seal", the focus of modern bathroom furniture fashion brand "FENXI Finn seal"; Products cover high, medium and enginee   ring side for the whole bathroom ark; Adhere to the original product design;

In 2020, innovation

Factory second phase of an area of 100000 square meters large-scale modernized production base in use; With LORBN positioning high-end Italian designer brand bathroom furniture, custom; Signin   g domestic top design cooperation company - ma shark ideas; Original products as high as 100 +,   100 + product patent certificate; Second generation LORBN minimalist diablo wind flagship jing, and   in realizing the 1:1 copy the ground; 200 flagship stores and outlets all over the country;

In 2021, the fusion

Resources integration, give priority to with LORBN integration GIEXXI, topaz, FENXI fenn seal stay tuned...


Empowered terminal training, designer study tour salon project, highly praised; The fourth generation LORBN<RAW SHOWROOM> concept Hall was released, and the two-store mode went forward.


The appearance of the fifth generation LORBN<ORIGIN SPACE> origin space is a milestone moment of brand accumulation, LORBN Laubin completed the new layout of brand strategy with the three major store modes.



The production process

Cooperation designer

Cooperative design companies, suppliers

The bathroom ark plane graph